Thursday, 4 November 2010

First things first

Well, this is the start of a new era for me, a time for me to share my personal opinions on music that is being unleashed onto the world in today's society (and lets face it, sometimes it is very difficult to even find something called "music") but I do okay, I have my methods and the great people's out there that know what I like....

I won't be reviewing everything on here, that would take up all my time and I do have to work, but once this is up and running, writing a piece a night should be a breeze.... It's just getting it to that stage! So bear with me....

Genre's I am generally into and will most likely be reviewing are... Indie, Folk, Rock (and of course all the sub genre's like indie-rock etc because they are that bizarre these days there are probably more genres than artists!)

These are all of course biased reviews, and are just opinion, but hey, if you like something I like, 9/10 times you'll like other things I do :)

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